Friday night, Democrats shut down the government over deadlines that didn’t exist.  Their games jeopardized health insurance for 9 million children and hurt our troops.

They refused to reopen the government until Monday afternoon.

We are relieved Senate Democrats reversed course and joined Republicans to end the #SchumerShutdown and reauthorize CHIP for more than 9 million children. 


The Reckless #SchumerShutdown RISKED...

Children’s Health Insurance Funding

  • 9 million children could have lost access to their health insurance

  • This would have denied access to potentially life saving treatment

Military Readiness

  • More than 2 million members of our military would have not been paid until the shutdown ended

  • 100,000 national guardsmen would have been sent home from training

  • Pilot Training would have been stopped, impacting readiness

  • Training would have been canceled for tens of thousands of reservists

  • 50 percent of the civilian workforce would have been furloughed - impacting contracting, medical, maintenance, and morale

should there have been a shutdown?

This is what Democrats risked by not reauthorizing CHIP